Terms & conditions

Registration is only valid for the full school year, except for one-off workshops ans drawing sessions.

However if you join us during the school year in agreement with the teacher you can ask for the promo code for the deduction in proportion to the courses already passed.

You can choose to pay in one installment all year round or pay in 3 installments at no additional cost by credit cart.
If you want to pay by check or cash, please choice last line to registrate without any payment in way to sign up and give us all necessary information about you.
You will be able to give check to our teacher, ( check payable to the non-profit association Festival Cultures Croisées – legal person that created the Classical Drawing School) and not to Conservatory Rachmaninov)
However, we draw your attention that working on the basis of the Rachmaninoff Conservatory we are bound by financial obligations and therefore must apply most of the points of their internal regulations (except the entrance fee which is not due)