The concept of our School

Noting the fact that today in Paris there is no place where drawing would be the core discipline in visual arts studies, basing on academic drawing, Anna Filimonova professional artist, a graduate from the renowned Saint-Petersburg Fine Arts Academy and a postgraduate from the Sorbonne University, has gathered a team of teachers of art – all graduates from the best Russian art schools, in order to offer a unique programme.

For the youngest, we’ve opened groups of initiation into drawing and painting, aiming to select children most inclined to develop in visual arts. Natalia Leybina and her colleagues teach these groups with kind attention. There is a possibility to come to a trial lesson, of course, before enrolling for the whole year, that we divide into trimesters between Parisian school kids’ holidays.

For teenagers and adults we form groups throughout the year according to individual learning capabilities and skills level correspondence, going for 2/4 hours per week. After a skills evaluation test we propose to enroll at least for a period between school kids’ holidays. The programme for each such a period is adapted to the group’s level and reposes on the principles of academic drawing. We gradually dive deeper and deeper into the subject. These programmes are elaborated by Anna Filimonova and are taught by herself or by her colleagues.

Pour les adolescents et les moins jeunes, nous formons toute l’année des groupes selon la capacité d’apprentissage individualisée à raison de 2h/4h par semaine et sur le principe de niveau compatible. 

Additional classes can be opened on demand.

Our school also offers consultations for the young people who are thinking about entering Art Schools for their higher education. These consultations take place either in Paris or via Zoom, for those who live outside the Parisian region.